luni, 7 martie 2011

A perfect world to live in

A perfect world to live in.

Our world is protected by a magical force.This magical force,always gives us

directions how to live and how to be a human.God is the protector of your planet ,he is helping us when we need it ,but when we are doing big mistakes he punished us.

We all are different but actually we are the same.Some people are little or taller,but we all are God's children.Sometimes ,people are underestimated by other people,but they hide in their selfs a beast like a leon,who is helping them to move on.This people who always are understimated by other people,they have this"beast" from God,beacause se does not want his chilldren to suffer,so he give's this power to them.

God when he created this world,he has given us a very big and important gift,this gift is about freedom.Freedom is an important thing in a life of a human or animal.But some people can't have this freedom,and that's a really sad thing.

Our world is not perfect.and maybe will never be,but if we try a little harder we can make it a better palce.

If i will have a chance to make our world better .I will change almost.I will battle whit the evail,and I will distroy him.

If I had this chance,I will create a dream world.Now our world is black and sad,but If I had the chance to do something for this sad planet,I will make it a colorful planet like a rainbow,a similing planet full of love and happiness.Now the nature is so sad she is crying for help,we have to make her happy ,clean and colorful back.She deserve that,she is like a second home for us.All the animals deserve a happy life just like us,so let's do something for everybody.

So this is my dream world,a world whitout evil,full of love happiness and freedom.

This is what we and our sad and black planet need's to be a dream planet.

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